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Many of you are understandably searching for natural and holistic ways to support your lung health and complement the current COVID therapeutics offered by conventional medicine. This is leading more people to discover a therapeutic botanical, Desmodium adscendens. I wanted to share my almost two decades of experience with this incredible medicinal plant.

I first heard about Desmodium adscendens about 15 years ago, when I read an account from Cynthia Watson, MD, a physician practicing women’s medicine in Santa Monica, California. She described her on-site investigations of native medicinal plants in Belize. Day after day, after trekking through the jungle studying native healing plants, she would return to her home base utterly exhausted, her muscles aching from exertion. Her host served a strong tea made from the leaves of a native plant, known in different countries as Strong Back Herb, Amor Seco or Pega Pega, and by its Latin name, Desmodium adscendens, to botanists. Within 30 minutes, Dr. Watson reported that she felt significant reduction in her muscle pain, and a dramatic improvement in her energy.

Intrigued, I immediately called Dr. Sidney McDaniel, a world-class botanist of the Upper Amazon in Peru, who was also our third cofounder of Whole World Botanicals (now deceased). I asked Sidney if Desmodium adscendens grows in the Peruvian jungle. “It sure does,” he told me. “But it’s not available commercially.” I wanted to try it myself and give it to others to try, so I asked him if he could help us collect some samples.

Sidney arranged for us to get some Desmodium adscendens, and after trying it myself, I fell in love with this plant for its ability to relieve fatigue and muscle pain and spasms.

Since Desmodium adscendens was not sold commercially in Peru, we started a partnership with a local Peruvian to wildcraft this plant and built a small drying facility on sunny patches of his untouched forest land. But it was only after we began to sell our Royal Desmodium Tea in the U.S. that I began to fully appreciate the highly unusual power of this plant to support lung function.

In was in that first year after we made this tea available to our customers that we started receiving extraordinary testimonials.

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