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Thousands of angry ‘freedom’ protesters stormed Melbourne streets to demonstrate against mandatory vaccinations and new laws set to be introduced by Daniel Andrews.

The ‘pro-choice’, anti-government demonstrators marched through the city shouting ‘kill the bill’ on Saturday, they carried flags and provocative banners targeting the premier.

Families and young children were among the crowd, which included activists carrying a fake gallows and wearing horror movie masks.

One man’s sign depicted Andrews wearing a Nazi officer’s uniform and cap, another showed him as a gremlin and others simply displayed his face above words including ‘liar’ and ‘scum’.

Marchers within the crowd chanted ‘sack Dan Andrews’ as they headed for Victorian State Parliament.

Thousands of ‘Pro-choice’ and anti-vax protesters marched through showers to register their opposition to  mandatory vaccination and a proposed expansion of the premier’s powers 

Premier Dan Andrews was the obvious target of hundreds of signs and banners and stunts, which ranged from amusing to dramatic to sick

‘Pro-choice’ protestors, including one in a horror movie mask, flooded Melbourne streets displaying protest banners and even a fake gallows to protest the Andrews government on Saturday

Protestors in Melbourne today carried aggressive messages and signs directed at Victorian premier Dan Andrews 

At Parliament House on Spring Street, the crowd was confronted with a line of Victorian mounted police. 

Many of the demonstrators claimed they were not anti-vax, just opposed to Victorians being forced to get vaccinated. 

Many others appeared supportive of popular conspiracy theories too.

Some carried obvious anti-vax messages, others bore anarchy insignia, attacked major media in their signs.

One man, who wore an Akubra and the flag as a cape, proudly displayed an ‘Infowars’ t-shirt in reference to discredited American extremist Alex Jones. 

The law the ‘kill the bill’ signs refers to would give the premier the power to make pandemic ‘declarations’ which could be extended by three-months at a time – for as long as he deemed necessary.

Many held signs, some of which read ‘coercion is not consent’ and ‘Dan is the virus’.

The huge crowd was in the thousands – estimated as much as 20,000 by rogue MP Craig Kelly, who gave a dramatic speech

The demonstration was organised under the ‘Rise Up Melbourne’ banner and planned in an encrypted Telegram chat group

The crowd was mixed between ‘pro-choice’ marchers opposed to forced Covid-19 vaccinations, anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists

Thousands of protestors took to the streets to demonstrate against mandatory vaccinations and new laws set to be introduced by Victorian premier Daniel Andrews

Other messages included ‘the ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world that it leaves it children’.

The demonstration was organised under the ‘Rise Up Melbourne’ banner, the Herald Sun reported.

One protester, Mark, who claimed to be fully-vaccinated, said he attended because he was ‘pro-choice’.

‘I just want there to be options and for nothing to be forced on us,’ he said.

Organisers directed plans via an encrypted Telegram group, instructing marchers to ‘bring signs, megaphones and flag’. 

Protestors gathered in Melbourne at the State Library to march towards State Parliament with Premier Dan Andrews  and proposed Victorian government laws in their sights

Rogue MP Craig Kelly attended and claimed 20,000 were at the Melbourne march. On Friday he posted ‘end the tyranny’ referring to proposed Victorian laws

The huge crowd carried signs attacking the media as well as Dan Andrews

Controversial anti-vax MP Craig Kelly, of the United Australia Party, travelled from Sydney to attend.

In a speech to the crowd he said the public was ‘in the face of tyranny and corruption’.

‘I have decided to take a stand like many of you have here today – I hear you,’ he told the crowd.

‘We are no longer governed for the people or by the people.

‘I stand with all those who stand for freedom.’

Earlier Kelly encouraged people to attend via Twitter, posting ‘We must stop this tyranny’.

Kelly regularly tweeted during the march, claiming up to 20,000 people were present. 

The pro-choice crowd gathered at the Victorian State Library at noon and headed for the State Parliament building

Coronavirus Australia: Anti-vax protesters chant ‘kill the bill’ over proposed law in Melbourne

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