27 Year Old Passed Due to Diabetes Right Before His Wedding Because He Could Not Afford Buying Insulin

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Diabetes is one of the chronic diseases that can take a toll on your life, if not taken seriously and provided the patient with the right medication.

There are plenty of cases reported all around the world wherein people suffering from diabetes witness several lifestyle issues. There is a particular age group or gender to which diabetes affects the most. It can happen to anyone at any age.

Recently, a heartbreaking incident was reported in Washington, where a 27 years old guy died because of diabetes. The heartbreaking part was that he died right before his wedding. Josh Wilkerson had a fluctuating sugar level which was 17 times more than the normal.


The reason for his death was not being able to afford the proper medication for his diabetes.

At the age of 26, he aged out of his stepfather’s health insurance and wasn’t able to afford the right medications.


He was taking a $25 vial course from Walmart which was only 1/10 of the effective and expensive ones.

Even the Walmart spokesperson also said that they always warn the buyers to consult a physician before buying such medicines.


The high prices of insulin are becoming a major concern for people suffering from diabetes.

Those who are trying to control their diabetes with insulin are restricted by the surging process of the products.


Generally, Josh’s monthly medications that included insulin would cost $1200 once he was out of his stepfather’s health insurance plan. It was quite impossible for a supervisor at dog kennel who earns $16.50 per hour to meet the medication requirements.

Josh had planned his wedding and was about to tie knots with his fiancée who also suffers from type 1 diabetes. The two got engaged last summer at Virginia Beach.


Josh’s family and fiancée are completely broken by the news, all they want to appeal to the government is to decrease the prices of insulin. So, that more lives like Josh’s wouldn’t be lost.

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