Why JOMO Is Worth Embracing According To A Functional Medicine Expert | Dr. Will Cole

by health and nutrition advice journalist

     1.   JOMO can enhance your mindfulness

Social events, work, family activities, and the general busyness of life leaves little room for meal planning and grocery shopping. Sometimes, you might even eat on the road and be tempted to grab whatever you can in an attempt to curb your rumbling stomach.

However, when you pair down your schedule you leave room to enjoy your food. By embracing JOMO you’ll have more time to consider what type of meals you are making and give your body time to chew with intention and let your digestion do its work in peace.

     2.   JOMO can lower your stress levels

A life of FOMO will put cortisol – your body’s stress hormone – on high alert. Even though cortisol is supposed to spike when you’re stressed, ongoing stress can lead to a variety of chronic health problems since cortisol isn’t supposed to stay high for long.

In order to combat this, only say yes to things that truly fulfill you. Feeling on edge all the time is not normal no matter what society says. You are allowed to breathe, rest, and spend your time doing whatever you please.

     3.   JOMO can help you cut out toxic people

There always seems to be that person in your life who does nothing but talk negatively about you and your choices. Whether it is from a random internet troll who has something to say or a close personal relationship, their words can cut you down and leave you feeling less than stellar about yourself.

By living the JOMO life, these toxic relationships will cut themselves out pretty quick since you aren’t available to serve them. And the less time you spend on social media (because you’re not feeding the FOMO) the less time you’ll spend fighting off the internet trolls.

     4.   JOMO can help you grow

Chances are, you have a list of things you have wanted to try, do, or learn that haven’t come to fruition. But once you embrace JOMO you’ll actually have time to invest in yourself and what you want to do, not what you think others want you to do.

     5.   JOMO can help you let go

Time continues on regardless of what we do and don’t do. JOMO gives us the opportunity to pause and enjoy the present moment. It allows us to take stock of where we came from, where we are at, and where we want to go. With a more mindful outlook on life, you can take the necessary time to unpack the good and bad from your past and use it to make the best decisions for your future.

No matter what life looks like in a year or ten from now, life is fleeting and we never know what is going to happen in the future. But instead of living in constant FOMO and living life for others, we can embrace JOMO and do what is best for you. And once you experience that kind of freedom, you’ll never look back.

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