You Can Use Jellybeans For Your Gestational Diabetes Test Instead Of Drinking Glucose

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I will never forget drinking that awful sugar sludge when I was pregnant with my daughter. I had a LOT of trouble keeping anything down, and I had to retry on the Glucose three different times.

And now, according to this study, there’s actually an alternative to drinking the glucose, and it’s awesome! JELLYBEANS!

I am serious. This is an actual thing.

Instead of drinking that sugar mixture, you can actually eat about 30 jellybeans an hour before your glucose test to get the same results!

Women are getting the same results with jellybeans as they do with the liquid glucose, with way less side effects.

Not only are jellybeans way less mediciney, but they are also way more delicious. Pregnant women are way less likely to puke up jellybeans than they are the glucose drink.

That’s HUGE. I still think back to that test, and how hard it was to get that concoction down. I am so jealous of you guys who get to do this with jellybeans!

How To Use Jellybeans For Your Gestational Diabetes Test

You’re going to need the nutritional information on the back of the bag. Figure out how many jellybeans it takes to equal 50 grams of sugar. (It’s usually somewhere between 25-40, depending on the jellybeans, but double check your bag to make sure you get this right.)

Now, remember how you have to drink the glucose solution super fast? It’s the same thing with the jellybeans. You have to eat them as fast as you can.

(Eating jellybeans as fast as you can… What is this? Your birthday? Enjoy it, mama.)

It’s best to do this in the doctor’s office, the same way you would do with the glucose drink so you don’t have any hiccups. But all that means is that you get to eat jellybeans at the doctor! Hooray!

Good luck mamas! And congrats!

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