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With the onslaught by COVID and its coinciding onslaught of self-proclaimed experts with every opinion under the sun, I choose to respond with a series of research study reports so you can choose for yourself. Each edition will bring a few studies describing possible therapies for COVID under investigation or reported in past research. As my recent Facebook Live video noted, we do not know enough about this virus to be definite at this time. I am not claiming any of these are the preventive or curative answer for you or your family’s safety. I just want you to be aware of these studies and have knowledge so that you can grow in wisdom rather than stumble about in panic.

With that in mind, I offer this as an introduction to COVID. Besides stating the obvious that it is a virus which comes from a family of viruses that cause respiratory illness, I will leave the scientific explanation to others. In order to make wise choices about your health, you don’t need to know everything about its genetic code, its protein structure, or its mutation which led to its spread. I will let others speculate on its source from nature or nurture (laboratory bioweapon?).

I will stick to the fact that this virus spreads relatively easily, it spreads through individuals before they are aware of illness, and it can be deadly for certain age groups. Then I will focus on the research papers describing attempts to find therapies and cures. In regards to its spread, the numbers are growing rapidly and will likely take a while to peak unless spread is somehow prevented. In regards to spreading by those unaware, this may be one of its best secret weapons. Once someone is ill, they can self-quarantine, but those feeling well carrying the virus do not have alarm bells warning them or others. A measure of physical distancing should be practiced regardless of whether you feel well or not.

Finally in regards to its lethality for certain age groups, this virus is similar to many others like the flu for example. Those with pre-existing conditions or over the age of 60 clearly are at greater risk for severe disease. Exactly which pre-existing conditions make one more at risk is being worked out. Age is definite the largest factor as children appear far less affected without any deaths in the youngest ages despite a substantial mortality above 60 years.

An introductory post would be woefully deficient if it did not address the panic and hysteria which we see in response to this virus. True, this virus deserves attention and resources for combatting it. True, our nation has grown accustomed to a measure of security from such a biological threat. These types of outbreaks occur elsewhere, right? But even more true, we as a nature have lost the ability to think and to trust.

We cannot think, but instead we “feel” our way through life at risk for being tossed about by all kinds of “waves”. We are unable to analyze calmly information presented to us in such an objective manner that we can discern truth through the fog and haze. We are easily manipulated by forces around us. These forces include politicians and the media.
We do not know who to trust. We are bombarded daily by proclamations in social media, in advertising, and elsewhere. Greed, lust for power, and other vices have eroded our trust in both public and private institutions. This leaves a door open to the perfect storm of uncertainty blown in by COVID. This storm brings panic and hysteria.

I am reminded in reading the Bible this morning that truth brings peace and guides our steps with light. I am reminded that God holds all things in His hands and is not surprised by all this. With those reminders my pulse slows, by thoughts stop racing, and I start seeing more clearly how to walk through this storm. With that peace, I offer this series of scientific insights on COVID, praying for God to provide further scientific answers and further wisdom to our leaders in turning the tide and stilling the storm as only HE can do.

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