Biden administration ‘importing’ coronavirus into Texas by not securing border: Gov. Abbott

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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says the Biden administration’s open borders policy is allowing coronavirus variants to enter the United States.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, R., told “America’s Newsroom” Friday that the Biden administration is effectively “importing” coronavirus into the United States by not adequately securing the southern border.

GOV. GREG ABBOTT: I made a direct plea to the Biden administration a couple of days ago for Texas and our professionals in this state that deal with human trafficking all the time to have access to these minors who have come across the border to learn more about how they were trafficked here, and then we received word yesterday from the Biden administration that they would allow no such thing because they want to continue the cover-up …

These young children coming across the border are victims of human trafficking. Somebody has to get to the bottom of it. That’s exactly what I wanted to do not only as governor but with our professionals in the state of Texas who deal with human trafficking all the time, learn about who trafficked these kids into the state, who in the state of Texas is involved in this so we can arrest them and stop this human trafficking. This is a crisis that is being made worse by the fact that the Biden administration is subjecting even more children to come into Texas or coming across our border who are going to be victimized by these cartels …

One of the greatest challenges we’re facing with regard to the pandemic right now are all these different variants. One of the variants is coming from Brazil. There are others coming from elsewhere … We’ve tried to contain the spread of COVID-19 in the state of Texas. Now the Biden administration is importing more COVID into the U.S that they could be keeping them out if they were securing the border …

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