Coronavirus Vaccine Nears Final Tests in Cuba. Tourists May Be Inoculated. – The New York Times

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Then, following the decision to open international air travel in November after a seven-month closure, case numbers spiked. Authorities are now battling the worst outbreak since the pandemic began, with more cases registered in January than in all of last year, and recently set a 9 p.m. curfew in Havana.

The government hasn’t yet announced any specific plans for inoculating tourists, but will have to take into consideration the length of time it would take to deliver all three shots required by Sovereign 2.

Dr. Guillén said that rather than stay on the island for a month and a half, tourists may be given the option to get one shot on the island, and pack the other two doses in their suitcase for vaccination back home.

The plan to open vaccination to tourists appears, to some, to be a risky and shrewdly capitalist gambit to attract visitors, and with them the hard currency the island desperately needs. The combination of the pandemic and sanctions have created the worst economic crisis the country has experienced since the fall of the Soviet Union in the 1990s, experts say.

Cuban scientists, however, insist the goal is to spread health. Any profit, they say, is merely a side effect.

“We are not a multinational where return on investment is our No. 1 priority,” Mr. Vérez, who is leading development of the vaccine, said in a recent news conference. “Our first priority is to create health, and return on investment is a consequence of that.”

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