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Unmasking the Truth #7 – Have you read “How to Lie with Statistics”?
(skip to “The Seventh Question” below if you read prior questions already)
Having broached the topic of masks, I want to encourage dialogue between the polarities of the debate. This is challenging given the political climate of uncivil discord rather than civil discourse.  With a vision of communities coming together to collectively determine truth and decide on policy, I offer a series of questions.  I don’t want to give answers, but questions that re-teach all of us to engage in discourse which will lead us to that vision.  Somewhere between the polar extremes, we will find the truth that we all need.
Therefore, let’s unmask the truth whether it leads to “masks or no masks”, “mandates or no mandates”, and more.
The Seventh Question…
       Imagine yourself confronted by someone who expresses an opinion contrary to yours.  It could be on social media, in line at the grocery store, in a town hall meeting, a family gathering, or anywhere.  Your first impulse is to blast away.  Throw your best at them. Pound them into submission.  This happens from both sides of the debate.
       This seventh question also cuts both ways.  I ask you if you have read the book “How to lie with statistics”.  It will help you understand how statistics can be manipulated to prove a lot of points which are actually false.  Then you can ask the person across from you if they understand how statistics are not so “scientific” and absolutely irrefutable.  Hopefully, you can open an ongoing discussion which helps them see both the topic of discussion more clearly, and also protects them from future deceptions.
       If you happen to go searching for this book (please do), note that at least one edition sports a prominent billionaire’s endorsement on the front cover.  You will find it interesting.

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