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by health and nutrition advice journalist

While buying things online is extremely convenient, it can sometimes be a bit risky — like when you order some health supplements and receive a dead crocodile in the mail instead.

Recently, several large packages were dropped off at the home of a woman surnamed Zhang in Zhejiang’s Suichang county who had gone on a bit of an online shopping spree, buying up an assortment of dietary supplements.

Though the first three boxes were as normal as could be, the fourth was more unusual. After tearing open the cardboard, she found a smaller white foam box inside that appeared to be emitting an unpleasant odor. When she opened the box, she discovered the source of that smell, a dead crocodile and lizard. The croc was more than a meter long.

Frightened, Zhang quickly called for her husband. Together, they inspected the package and found that it was indeed addressed to their home. Befuddled, they then went to the police.

According to The Paper, upon investigation, police discovered that the croc was a Siamese crocodile which had been raised at a Chinese breeding farm. The animal came equipped with a QR code. When scanned, it provided information about the animal and where it was bred. With the right permits, it’s perfectly legal in China to raise, buy, and sell crocodiles.

Apparently, Zhang’s address had been mistakenly posted on the box containing the crocodile by the courier company in Liaoning province. At the time that it was sent, the animal was alive, however, it died on the way to Zhang’s home because of the length of the delivery.

Unlucky for it, but luckily for her.

Though perhaps this was all just a blessing in disguise for Zhang. While crocodiles may not seem like the best dietary supplements, according to traditional Chinese medicine, its highly nutritious meat can cure respiratory illnesses like asthma.

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