7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie Review: Is It a SCAM?

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The 7 Steps To Health And The Big Diabetes Lie is a program which tackles the ever increasing problem of diabetes in the world and exposes some revelatory brand new advice regarding the condition. Designed to help people understand the ways nutrition has a far bigger impact on what the pharmaceutical industry call diabetes.

Diabetes can be a difficult disease to live with, but it doesn’t have to be as bad as you think. This program insists that it is possible to virtually eliminate your diabetes naturally by eating the right diet. When you eat the correct foods, you will be able to manage your blood sugar and keep your diabetes under control. This book even claims that you will be able to stop taking diabetes medication.

So, the first thing The Big Diabetes Lie does is to call Big Pharma out on the lies that have been supporting it for a while.

About The ‘7 Steps To Health And The Big Diabetes Lie’ Book

This book has been created to help all people, regardless of their age gender or occupation to learn more about , and how understanding nutrition is vital to optimising health. It’s centred on solutions to some of society’s problems regarding diabetes and enlightening people about the cover-ups and untruths made popular by the healthcare industry.

What makes The Big Diabetes Lie such a valuable and comprehensive guide is its approach to tackling of the various contributing factors to inflammation and understanding the body’s natural pH, highlighting the importance of diet to people with chronic illness. It leaves no stone unturned when it comes to understanding your body and how it can use nutrition to balance hormones.

The Big Diabetes Lie focuses on optimising nutritional and hormonal health through what we eat, since insulin production is the main trigger of diabetes.

Key Points of the ‘7 Steps To Health and The Big Diabetes Lie’ Program

Table of Contents – Part 1: Nutrition

Table of Contents – Part 2: Illness and Disease Prevention

Table of Contents – Part 3: The 30 Day Diabetes Peotocol

A bumper 456 pages about nutrition and the dangers of diabetes medicine, the main book is segmented into 20 chapters, which range from an introduction to the importance of what you eat, and its relation to insulin production, to explaining the concept of the pharmaceutical industry taking advantage of people showing early signs of diabetes. With testimonials from patients and doctors, you will begin to have an understanding of how this new research is being picked up by people seeking alternatives to prescribed diabetes medications.

Included is a 30-day diabetes plan to implement effective immediately, which begins by ridding the body of the toxins associated with simple carbs and processed foods. Because it is so in-depth, it takes all the stress out of initiating your journey, and deals with a comprehensive guide to putting together a new and healthier lifestyle.

There is a lot of information in this book, but it is explained in a well organized and easy to follow way. Even if you don’t have a lot of experience with medical texts, you will be able to understand this information as it is explained in a clear way.

Identifying foods that can exacerbate the conditions of diabetes, the guide advises you how to achieve balance in your diet. By educating you about the effects of sugar, fats, meat, refined white flour, and immoderate use of caffeine and salt, you will understand the harmful stresses that are sometimes put on the body. Reducing intake of these toxins will allow your body the opportunity to heal itself and reverse the onset of type 1 diabetes.

Our consumption of white sugar worldwide is becoming a pandemic that directly correlates to the rise in instances of diabetes. There was recently a report stating that diabetes related amputations are also on the rise, and The Big Diabetes Lie exposes how the current status quo does nothing to help the millions of diabetics around the world. Indubitably, white sugar and processed flours are contributing to this very real threat of morbidity, and yet still we consume them.

With a comprehensive guide to the various additives that sneak their way into common foods, the package contains everything you need to know to help your body have a genuine rest and detox from all the nasties. It’s very helpful to have something so comprehensive and easy to understand, so that you know exactly what to eat and what not to eat without all of the confusion.

Finally, The Big Diabetes Lie delivers guidance on low fat foods and ridding ourselves of the toxins within processed foods and high gluten products. So many people are suffering with inflammation related pains and body weight that a worldwide revolution is needed, and this program helps you to become one of the enlightened ones who can judiciously choose foods to support a healthy system.

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7 Steps To Health and The Big Diabetes Lie Review: A Sneak Preview Into The Program!

What Are The Advantages And Benefits of ‘7 Steps To Health and The Big Diabetes Lie’ Book?

This is not just a diet guide, nor is it simply an exposé of the lies told to patients over the world. It is a life changing program that requires commitment and a shift in the paradigm of thinking surrounding the onset of diabetes, and related illnesses.

Additionally, this program has been created by a doctor who backs everything up with scientific research that has been collated from studies around the world. That said, it is still presented in an engaging and accessible tone, with diagrams and illustrations to break up the text and make the guidance easier to swallow. Pun intended!

You will receive many bonuses which help to target you and keep you on the focus of achieving the weight you want, as well as having more energy and an entire lifestyle overhaul.

Broken down into a series of pdf documents, The Big Diabetes Lie package covers everything related to diet and exercise to help you self-manage the condition.

Because it can be accessed digitally once you have paid for it, then you will be able to start implementing the new plan as soon as you purchase and can access it from anywhere.

The recipes included are easy to follow and well presented, including an illustration, so you can check whether you have adhered to them.

With a risk free 60 moneyback guarantee you get to try the product. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the program, you can return it no questions asked.

There are also several other advantages, such as:

  • You’ll gain a deeper understanding of what diabetes is, how it works and why your body behaves the way it does. This will help you to better manage the disease.
  • You’ll learn about food that you can eat to benefit your diabetes – which are easy to find, affordable and simple to prepare.
  • You will also receive a number of bonus Ebooks that will offer you a lot of interesting and potentially valuable information.
  • According to the program, you will be able to reduce or eliminate your need for diabetes medicine.
  • You will be able to live a happier, healthier and longer life.
  • You will figure out how to eat a diet that helps you to lose weight naturally and keep it off.

What You’ll Get When You Purchase The ‘7 Steps To Health and The Big Diabetes Lie’ Program?

The 7 Steps To Health and The Big Diabetes Lie program offers good value for your money, as it provides you with a lot of content for the price. When your purchase the program, you will receive access to a lot of information to download.

In addition to the main program, which is a lifestyle manual, you will also receive a series of other books, which will help you to reverse the condition and live an overall healthier lifestyle.

You will also receive the Amazing Health From Water Ebook, which encourages readers to drink more water, replacing sugary drinks which are bad for the health with hydrating natural water. Also included are the Dangers of Microwave Radiation Ebook; Bonus Death By Medicine Ebook; MSG The Deadly Poison Ebook; Raw Live Food Recipes Ebook; The Miracle of Sleep Ebook; and The Secrets of Antioxidants Ebooks, all of which help to reinforce the message and give tips and guidance into maximising your life and letting your body heal itself.

When you factor in all of the information in these books, plus the extra guides included with the program, you can see that the Big Diabetes Lie offers a lot of value for money. This book and the associated free bonus material isn’t just about Diabetes, it is about your overall health. When you follow the guidance set down, then you will be able to heal your body from the inside out and take a holistic approach to your overall wellness.


We’ve looked at this package with a scrutinous eye, and consider the advice within it to be sound. It is backed with full scientific citations and supported by doctors and medical professionals over the world. As such, it is a comprehensive plan to reversing the associate problems with diabetes.

Order your copy of The 7 Steps To Health and The Big Diabetes Lie book today and get started on the road to a disease free happy, healthy you!

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