How To Train Your Immune System, From A Functional Medicine Expert

by health and nutrition advice journalist

So what’s on the table? Through diet and lifestyle, we are learning how to reduce our body’s production of damaged immune cells. We are learning how to eliminate those cells and clear out their messaging. We are learning how to replace those damaged cells with new immune cells, unencumbered by that messaging. This is what it means to immuno-rejuvenate, and the benefits to human health extend far beyond COVID-19.

The science is underway, and the tools are already at hand. The missing link here is you.

I’m here to tell you that it’s possible to take control of your immune function, just like you would take control of your diet or an exercise routine. You can build resilience in your immune response, just like you build muscle.

Your immune system is constantly interpreting signals from the outside world, and your body’s ability to efficiently and accurately process that information equates to health. The better the training, the better the response.

Think of yourself as the coach, and the immune cells are your team. Every team has its strengths and weaknesses, and every team can respond to good coaching. Below, I outline how to become a good coach and train your immune cells.

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