As A Functional Medicine Expert, This Is The Greens Powder I Use

by health and nutrition advice journalist

Like any woman who has newly learned she is pregnant (or, at least, I think this is a common sentiment?) I became immediately protective over what I put in my belly. But with the nausea, headaches, fatigue, and hellish rollercoaster of a first trimester, all I was able to stomach was yogurt, mac and cheese, cheese, and grilled cheese (you can pick up a theme here). I was positive my baby was going to come out looking like a wheel of brie. 

So I tried eating a salad one day. I vomited that right up. Then some cooked broccoli. Not a chance that stayed down. I managed to successfully eat peas and butter with a lot of effort and some acupuncture (I was determined that day and had a little extra time on my hands). But all in all, I wasn’t getting anywhere near my usual intake of 10 to 12 veggies a day, and all I kept seeing was my adorable little unborn child with a block of cheddar for a head.

So I posed the question: How do I get a sufficient amount of organic veggies every day, without having to cook them or eat them? It finally dawned on me that greens powder was the way to go.

I eagerly kept an eye on the mailbox until my delivery of organic veggies+ powder arrived—I was so excited to finally gobble down nutritious veggies, without gagging on a salad. As soon as it arrived I tried it three different ways: with just water, with pineapple juice, in a smoothie.

When I mixed it with water, it didn’t taste awful (huge score!)—the drink went down easy and helped to move things right along.* The pineapple and water combo was probably my fav because it added a teeny bit of sweetness and made me feel like I was on vacation (very important when you haven’t been out of the house in months). In the smoothie, it didn’t have an overbearing greens taste, and I was even able to sneak it into my boyfriend’s morning smoothie without getting an eye roll, which was a big bonus.

Once I established I liked the taste and I could feel it doing positive things in my body,* I dug a little deeper into what was really in the powder, and what set it apart from the others. Here were my big takeaways:

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