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Did you know that cancer patients and survivors are at a higher risk of dying from any cause compared with individuals who have never had cancer?

If this fact worries you, I have good news. Combining functional medicine and biohacking, I can help you significantly reduce this risk.

What Is Functional Medicine?

This is the use of laboratory testing, lifestyle modifications and other interventions (i.e. drugs, supplements, evidence based complementary therapies) to:

What Is Biohacking?

“Biohacking” is the use of devices (wearables and others) and lab tests to assess:

I also may employ, sensitive diagnostic/screening technologies and assays to look for cancer in the body in the earliest stages. These tests can identify tumors and cancer often long before they present with clinical symptoms. Examples:

Biohackers use this data to guide their implementation of various evidence-informed interventions to positively impact their physical and mental health, performance and quality of life.


Why Do Cancer Patients And Survivors Have A Higher Mortality?

There are two main reasons for this:

#1) The same risk factors that are associated with cancer development (i.e. physiological, environmental, genetic, psychosocial) are also strongly correlated with a higher risk of developing or exacerbating other chronic diseases. Examples:

Let’s look at one of the most important physiological process that can alter the function of all tissues and organ systems in the body: “inflammation.”

Persistently elevated levels of inflammatory proteins (i.e. cytokines) are associated with a greater risk of developing or exacerbating most chronic diseases and cancer. Inflammatory proteins activate a complex biological pathway (nuclear factor kappa-B, “NF-KB”) that has broad impacts on the body.

As an integrative oncologist, I approach patient care holistically. This means that I look at as many of these factors as possible to help improve the outcomes in my patients. I have published about the importance of taking a broad systems approach in cancer care, here.

#2) It is well known to anyone who has personally gone through chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery that there are side effects and long-term issues that occur as a result of these and other cancer treatments. Many of these issues can have lasting effects on one’s health, such as:

If these effects are not addressed, individually or together, they can promote the development of chronic diseases (i.e. cardiovascular disease, diabetes, dementia), disease progression and developing new cancers, cancer progression and recurrence.

Most individuals these days would prefer to optimize their healthspan (the part of a person’s life during which they are generally in good health), instead of their lifespan.

Get A Consultation With An Oncologist Trained In Functional Medicine

If you have a history of cancer or are currently undergoing cancer treatment and optimizing your healthspan interests you, I highly recommend scheduling a consultation with functional medicine-trained oncologist. 

There are many unique issues that cancer patients and survivors face (especially as they related to the side effects and complications of treatment, inflammatory, immune, metabolic problems, secondary malignancies, cancer and disease screening and potential interactions with other therapies). These topics are often not well-understood by non-oncology healthcare providers, which is why consulting with an experienced functional medicine-trained, board-certified oncologist is recommended.

Consult With Brian Lawenda, M.D.

I offer appointments by phone or video (30 or 60-minute consults, your choice of phone, Skype or Zoom). 

My background:

What To Expect During Your Consult:

How To Purchase And Schedule Your Consult:

**Cancer patients/survivors can also consult with me in-person by contacting my office for an appointment. Most insurances are accepted. Northwest Cancer Clinic, Kennewick, WA. 509-987-1800**

Contact Me If You Have Any Questions:

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