Mass Zombification via Remote Biohacking: The Farce Awakens

by health and nutrition advice journalist

“We can use electrical current, either direct or alternating current, or a magnetic field to change the way certain brain networks operate. By changing those brain networks, we change brain functions. And at certain times, we have shown that these can be operative in changing the way people perform on certain cognitive tests and also the way people feel about certain things. Now, that’s not exactly mind control the way Obi-Wan does it, but we could begin to look at the new brain science as a form of bio-technological Obi-Wan Kenobi. In other words, we’re harnessing various forces of science, technology, and of nature to be able to influence the way a brain works and the way the mind operates.” ~ Dr. James Giordano, neuroscientist and Chief of the Neuroethics Studies Program at Georgetown University (as stated in the video above)

How did everyone around us get the COVID mind meld? Are you still seeing people in a Corona coma or a stupor of fear, or at the very least, a COVID thought prison? Have they joined a new religion — the cult of Corona? Does it seem like most people are not in their right minds? Perhaps it is because they are not, and can not be operating at full mental capacity.

How the heck could the controllers pull this off? How could they remotely narcotize an entire world populace — transforming them into passive, conformist, obedient automatons — while simultaneously sickening and possibly killing targeted individuals and groups? Is there a technology available to the controllers that could kill two birds with one stone?

I suggest that the controllers are operating with plausible deniability — under cover of a scapegoat virus. The virus is a red herring, as neurobiological technology has continued to make advancements and is potentially being used covertly against the human population, as a method of mass disruption and destruction. 

Is the entire scope of this mass hypnosis being rationalized as a matter of national and global security — framed under cover of a health biosecurity paradigm? If so, I might refer to this project as “Operation Human Biohack.” This globally scaled operation seemingly involves biotracking humans in order to hack the human brain and body through the use of directed energy to affect human physiology, with the end goals of hijacking the human heart, and creating a hive human mind that will eventually take control of the population — a swarmocracy, if you will. 

The best way to hack a human may be through our DNA. We carry within us crucial life-altering information that is essentially unknown to us. This data is stored within the crystalline structure of our DNA. My speculation is that our DNA has been studied among military, machine learning, neuroscience, and biotechnology sectors, with the ultimate intention of merging us within a Borg-like hive mind AI-controlled system. 

Following is a 13 minute overview discussing neural interfacing with computers, as well as techniques of weaponized neurotechnology. I would like to zero in on one segment of the video featuring historian and philosopher, Yuval Noah Harari, in his 2018 presentation, “Will the Future be Human?” sponsored by the World Economic Forum.

We can hack not just computers, we can hack human beings and other organisms . . . Whether viruses or bananas or humans, they are really just biochemical algorithms, and we are learning how to decipher these algorithms. When the Infotech revolution merges with the Biotech revolution, what you get is the ability to hack human beings. Now what do you need in order to hack a human being? You need two things: you need a lot of computing power and you need a lot of data, especially biometric data, not data about what I buy or where I go, but data about what is happening inside my body and inside my brain. And maybe the most important invention for the merger of Infotech and Biotech is the biometric sensor that translates biochemical processes in the body and the brain into electronic signals that a computer can store and analyze.” Harari continued, “We are probably one of the last generations of Homo sapiens, because in the coming generations, we will learn how to engineer bodies and brains and minds. These will be the main products of the economy.”

Could there be a vast array of advanced neuroscience-based technological modalities implemented on a global order to bring about scalable mental enslavement? In the field of neuroscience, one highly effective synthesis of techniques is referred to as Integrative Scientific Convergence, and is discussed in a 2017 presentation referenced later in this post called “Brain Science from Bench to Battlefield: The Realities and Risks of Neuroweapons.” I suggest that the worldwide acceptance of mask-wearing and physical distancing, along with self-quarantining and house arrest, are visible symptoms of technotronically induced menticide, and that the face diapers serve as emblems of acquired dehumanization and acquiescence to an invisible enemy.

While there are numerous forms of effective mind control (for example, media propaganda, school indoctrination, weaponization of NLP and memetics), and many researchers over the years have clearly documented and analyzed them, I would like to highlight one form of highly advanced mind control that has received less coverage — that of targeted neuroweapons arising from the field of neuroscience. My stance is that these neuroweapons, while considered to be “non-lethal,” can be used to control minds, and to influence emotions and physical bodies in highly detrimental ways, even resulting in death. In the context of what we have been witnessing in 2020, is it possible that some increases in illness and death that have occurred in areas of the world, and in particular populations, could have resulted from scalable and precision neuroweaponry?

I contend that the technocratic controllers consider us as human nodes in a neurolinked interface — like cogs in a wheel — with the aim of remote mental enslavement of the world populace, utilizing advanced nano-particulate matter, controlled by AI, that can be steered and programmed within human brains and bodies. And they are well on their way — 2020 has been their quickening. Speaking of neurolinking, Elon Musk is debuting a working model (with a live demonstration) of his Neuralink project today, August 28, 2020, featuring human symbiosis with AI. Could this be another red herring or Trojan horse? At the very least, may it signify the slippery slope of human-AI convergence?

Many barriers have been broken when it comes to this manufactured pandemic crisis. One in particular, is the Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB). I surmise that the controllers have been synergistically priming the pump for years, breaching the permeability barrier to our brains through the implementation of toxic-inducing methods — including pharmaceuticals, vaccines, GMOs, fluoride, mercury fillings, geoengineering, aluminum and other heavy metals (via vaccines and geoengineering), cyanide, pesticides, artificial sweeteners, polysorbate 80, wireless technology/pulsed EMFs, scalar technology (i.e. – HAARP), microplastics, and microwaved food. The consolidation of this toxic soup of tools in the technocratic tool belt has seemingly culminated in the grand biohack (packaged within a biosecurity threat vehicle) that we are currently experiencing. For those who may still consider that 5G is the main culprit of the illness and dis-ease that we are witnessing and experiencing in 2020 (encompassed within “Operation Human Biohack”) — I perceive 5G as merely an accomplice, and as such, may be serving as an additional red herring. I think we need to keep our eye on the entire covert biohacking program. 

So, what capability can consolidate these techniques, and at the same time eclipse all of them, resulting in mind zombification, combined with the current constellation of physical “COVID” symptoms? This is not easy to answer; however, I offer several videos herein to make a case that a highly militarized capability may be at play, and that the “boys with their toys” might be busy stirring the pot — mentally, emotionally, and physically. Nanotechnology may be at the forefront of this phenomenon, utilized in tandem with electromagnetic deployment that can be directed with precision from multiple sources, including satellites, GWEN towers, small cell towers, radar installations, smart meters, desktop and laptop computers, handheld devices, wearable devices, implantable devices, and possibly household appliances. 

Dr. Martin Pall is Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University. In his 2018 presentation to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), called “Diverse Health Effects of Non-Thermal Microwave/Other Frequency EMFs: The Mechanism by Which These Diverse Effects Are Produced: Why 5G Will Be Likely to Be Vastly Worse,” he emphasized the dangers of pulsed EMFs, and the “insanity” of the impending widespread rollout of 5G:

“Pulsed EMFs . . . are in most cases much more biologically active than our non pulsed, or what are called continuous wave EMFs. And that’s been shown in 13 different reviews because all wireless communication devices communicate via pulsations that are potentially . . . much more dangerous . . . the current plan . . . is to put out tens of millions of these 5G antennae irradiating every single person and every other organism in the whole country without even a single biological safety test of genuine 5G radiation. This is in my judgment absolutely insane.”

Just to reiterate, it is entirely conceivable that biohacking can operate regardless of 5G technology, as there is seeming evidence that such capabilities have been executed for decades (primarily as reported from within the Targeted Individual community). Indeed, 5G and even 6G and forward iterations of wireless technology, may serve to enhance the implementation of invasive predatory technology. Further, this consolidated system of high-tech moving parts may have been amped up since December 2019 in certain geographic areas, and in certain individuals and groups, and could continue to be ramped up in any PLANNED waves or future surges that the controllers desire. The key here, is that the central planners could maintain full control over this technological process, whereas they could not in the event of a virus (bioengineered or otherwise) based on a model of physical contagion. Even further still, if this were simply a matter of widely blasting deleterious signals from a cell tower, then surely would not their minions living in these areas be in harm’s way? So this is where the concept of precision targeted technology comes into play (beyond 5G alone), and may make more sense. 

Please watch this two-minute overview describing the Blood-Brain Barrier. It may be helpful before proceeding. 

One of my takeaways from this video is that the BBB blocks most pharmaceuticals from entering the brain. This may be a healthy defense mechanism, and should give us pause prior to taking any drug that purports to break through the BBB. The video also references that sound waves can be used to breach the BBB.

Many of us are familiar with the concept of “leaky gut.” However, less people are aware of “leaky brain” (AKA neuroinflammation), which may result from the over-breaching of the BBB. Here is a 6-minute video describing symptoms of leaky brain.

We should also talk about electroporation. This term has recently surfaced in light of how the process may be utilized in administering vaccines. However, in this instance, I am referencing electroporation for its potential use over long distance. This short video explains how electroporation may be used to breach the BBB.

Within the context of remote targeted neuroweaponry, our brains can be selectively “zapped” (by means of electroporation) via devices that exist around us. Even so, most humans would never know, as any such perpetrators are invisible (and may be nearly all AI-controlled).

This video below is a 5 minute “shortcut” version of Dr. James Giordano, as he spoke to military cadets about advancements in neuroscience and neurotechnology at the Modern War Institute in 2018. Dr. Giordano serves as an appointed member of the US Department of Health and Human Services Advisory Council and Human Research Protections. He is a researcher and leader of the EU Human Brain Project, and has served as an appointed member of the Neuroethics Legal and Social Issues Advisory Panel of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and Senior Advisory Fellow of the Strategic Multilayer Assessment Branch of the Joint Staff of the Pentagon. You can read his full bio here.

Dr. Giordano has reportedly been in the field of neuroscience and dual-use neuroweaponry for 40 years and is an esteemed and leading expert. Thus, I focus on his presentations, from an educational perspective, to demonstrate that my contention herein is not a sci-fi scenario, but is based on existing technology. 

Following is a pertinent excerpt, from Dr. Giordano’s talk providing what I consider to be the “meat” of my rationale that we may be experiencing  subjugation by means of biotracking and biohacking through the use of weaponized neurotechnology occurring “under the radar” — pun very intended. If this is the case, it is an invisible crime that leaves little to no trace, and thus, would be extremely difficult to prove, as is explained by Dr. Giordano below: 

“The brain is and will be the 21st century battlescape . . . You will encounter some form of neurocognitive science that has been weaponized . . . in your personal and professional lives . . . It is valid, valuable, and already in operational play . . . might be targeting individuals on a level that allows either direct attribution or covert engagement with non attribution . . . Neuroscience has only been in existence for forty years . . . Increasingly, it is becoming an international, multinational, global, and independently exercised event and endeavor.”

Dr. Giordano continues, “So, how then can we use these elements as weapons? We ordinarily talk about drugs, bugs, toxins, and evermore, we’re considering devices. I can disrupt an individual from the level of their cell to their system, and disrupt individuals . . . all the way up to the social fabric, target a specific individual, change or eliminate that individual with very little attribution and trace, and be able to leave prior to any attribution. We also see the use of bio-data as a viable weapon, manipulating bio-data so that I can then put into your particular medical records subtle information that may change the disposition of whether you’re sick or not; change how you’re treated. . . By altering that information . . . I essentially change the you of you, and I can do that in very subtle and insidious ways. Furthermore, I can do that on a variety of different levels that can affect key individuals . . . or I can do that on a much larger scale — groups, populations — and if I change those data, I change the way you’re being regarded and treated . . .”

I can create small robotic units — controllable robotic units at the nano scale — and that these too can be aerosolized to create a nano swarm of bio-penetrable materials that you cannot see — that can penetrate, all with the most robust biochemical filters that are able to integrate themselves through a variety of membranes, mucus membranes and wherever —mouth, nose, ears, eyes — can then be up-taken into the vascular system to create clumping . . .  and these can be weaponized, and they can be done on such a level that their presence is almost impossible to detect and as such, the attribution becomes exceedingly difficult to demonstrate [emphasis added].”

Here is the longer, one-hour version if you care to watch Dr. James Giordano’s presentation, “The Brain is the Battlefield of the Future,” in its entirety.

Here is another one-hour presentation called “Brain Science from Bench to Battlefield: The Realities and Risks of Neuroweapons,” that Dr. Giordano gave at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in 2017.

Following are excerpts from his 2017 presentation that serve to support my notion that we may have been witnessing worldwide mental annexation, or worse yet, a form of psychological and/or physical sepsis. I am not suggesting that Dr. Giordano is doing such actions, but that the technological proficiency exists.

“If I’m able to in some way assess and affect this thing that is in at least some way demonstrably and perhaps, to a large extent, responsible for making you, YOU— your persona, your thoughts, your hopes, your dreams, well, look at the power that that can yield. We like to talk about influencing hearts and minds, but this is a question of influencing brains, to influence hearts, to then influence minds [emphasis added].”

“ Moreover, in utilizing the brain sciences in these ways, I think it becomes important to understand the formal definition of the term that I will use repeatedly throughout this lecture. This term — a weapon . . . something that mitigates aggression and fosters thoughts and feelings of affiliation or passivity . . . and/or something that incurs burdens of morbidity and/or mortality [emphasis added]. . . It used to be that I needed to be exceedingly close to someone to . . . influence them with a weapon . . . now we see, as we create both distal potential as well as much more capable potential to affect them in a variety of different ways . . .”

“I can use . . . much newer forms that utilize a highly specific electromagnetic pulse signal [emphasis added]. . . I can also look at neurogenomics and neurogenetics — look at genetic profiles of individuals and groups to be able to determine what genes may be in fact coding for certain structures and functions of the brain. I can utilize proteomics and other forms of biomarkers AND I can utilize neurocyberinformatics [emphasis added].”

During his 2017 presentation to Lawrence Livermore, Dr. Giordano briefly mentioned a previous DARPA project called “Narrative Networks,” which was designed to develop narratives for the execution of psyops, and to influence “group brains.” You may want to review more information on this project here at DARPA’s site, or here, in which another author describes how this project was utilized by DARPA to hone in on mastering propaganda techniques. Could we be witnessing the fruit of this work?

I think you get the point. Here are a few more excerpts from the 2017 presentation that are eerily timely:

“We can also utilize something called TITAN which is Tiered Integrative Tracking and Access Networks that utilize biologically implantable chips to then track key individuals in a variety of circumstances, and then yoke these to known information about the way brains work, to create narratives and behaviors . . . the idea of indwelling biosensors that are able to then upload remotely telemetrized information is quite real . . . This is a key area for dual-use because these types of sensors are being developed for populational monitoring of key biological variables that can be then uptaken into health and information databases . . . the idea to be able to take a key individual set of biological metrics and immediately in real time pull them into a large-scale data analytic to say this is who this person is, and this is where this person’s been, and who this person has been interacting with. Could be very very useful . . . This is a cat that’s already out of the bag . . . this is being used and being conducted on an international scale . . . [emphasis added].”

What we want here is a morbidity factor, not necessarily mortality factor. I want to make people sick and what I do here is the virus is not necessarily the bug, the virus is what I put over the Internet.What I put out over the Internet is this . . . a virus, bacteria, an agent that I have infiltrated into your fill-in-the-blank. I say it’s a weapon of mass destruction, and what I tell you is it’s going to produce paranoia, anxiety, and sleeplessness. What I have just done is I’ve recruited every paranoid hypochondriac to think they have whatever that is. I’ve used salient and sentinel cases, and I create essentially a legion of what’s known as the ‘worried well.’ They now flood emergency rooms . . . I can affect subsequent generations to incur a public health morbidity and mortality effect that then creates increased economic and perhaps social burden . . . [emphasis added].

“Now we can utilize nanoscience to create much better drugs to get them where they gotta go in the brain. I can create nanoscience and nanotechnology to be able to escort certain drugs across . . . the blood-brain barrier . . . But I can also use nano-particulate matter in a very indiscriminate way. The idea here is that I can get something called high CNS aggregation material that is essentially invisible to the naked eye . . . And, in fact, this has been entertained and examined to some extent by my colleagues in NATO and to those who were working on the worst use of neurobiological sciences to create population disruption . . . then we get to devices . . . sensory mobilizing agents use high electromagnetic pulse energy that may also utilize high levels of sounds . . . of light energy, and they disrupt neurological sensory function. Already being used now . . . [emphasis added].”

I include herein one more video (see above) featuring Dr. James Giordano’s discussion in 2013, “Predictive Neuroscience: Facts, Fictions and Fears of Scanning Brains and Reading Minds,” in which he discusses how they can use Neurogenomics/Neurogenetics by identifying neurogenomic/neurogenetic sequences and targeting these sequences. They can use these sequences in predicting functions and behaviors. They can also use individual proteomics and phenotypes to predict behavior. He explains that DNA-RNA protein metabolism may describe not only what you are, but what you might become. So, in this context, by linking functional imaging with anatomical data, and genetics and chemical biomarkers, they can identify who they think is predisposed to act in a certain way. He extrapolates this construct to the greater population. He even explains that they can identify an individual’s protein expression to see where that person might be on an “expression curve.”

By the way, guess what several developed countries have in common? The relevant answer, in this case: massive human brain projects (see Endnote 1). Please keep in mind (pun intended) that several of these projects collaborate across country borders.

I would like to submit this final video featuring Elana Freeland, one of the foremost investigative researchers in the fields of geoengineering and bioengineering. She has been a main inspiration and source of knowledge for me, as I have navigated my “truth” journey over the years, primarily with respect to the potential subjugation of humanity through “invisible” advanced technologies. 

Here is a brief excerpt: 

“. . . the fourth operation is the directed energy warfare operations — that’s particle beam weapons, high-powered microwave weapons, etc. that are all in space now and that’s why we have the Space Force . . . Then you go on to the fifth operation is surveillance and neural operations that includes watching us, knowing what we’re doing every second with all these billions, trillions of sensors that we’ve even swallowed, that are all around us in the ground, in the trees, in cities, everywhere . . . And neural operations . . . this is where it gets a little scary where these nanobots that we have breathed in, and sensors, can actually be used for brain control at a distance . . . Then next is the biological transhumanism operations — these are genetic operations . . . also again, I have to say that geoengineering is involved in producing a hive mind nanoparticle delivery electro-optical technology . . . remote genetic engineering of DNA, replacing nature with virtual reality . . .”

I have written previously about why the human heart vortex is so critical, and that I sense the human heart, which connects all hearts together, and to the earth’s heart, may currently be under attack. On a more tangible, and personal level, I am suggesting that within the directed energy weapon paradigm, the physical heart can be targeted and damaged from a long distance utilizing covert technology. Incidentally, and anecdotally, I was in the hospital in mid-February with obscure heart-related and bodily symptoms. These symptoms, including arrhythmia, chest pain, rib pain, neck pain, back pain, jaw pain, muscle weakness, shortness of breath, and night sweats came on suddenly and lasted for five weeks. These sequelae ended as abruptly as they began.

Will there come a time in the foreseeable future when our bodies will not only be perceived as designer bioweapons, but will be owned and patented by the controllers? Is it perhaps conceivable, and even helpful, to consider that we could legally or energetically safeguard our bodies and our RNA/DNA? Is this even worthy of a discussion, particularly if one conceives of this current physical incarnation as simply a brief blip within the infinite scope of the entire multi-dimensional omniverse, and our seemingly infinite physical incarnations within it? These are deep questions with no definitive answers. May the pandemic farce be with you, or NOT with you . . . Let’s hope your mind can decide.

Endnote 1: You can check out various brain projects at the following links:


Transforming the future through brain science

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