A Personal Trainer Gained 70 lb to Lose Weight With His Client, and It Did Work

by health and nutrition advice journalist

Losing weight is not an easy journey, since you have to work out hard, cut unhealthy (but so delicious) food out of your life, and stay motivated at the same time. We can all benefit from a guide who will wholeheartedly share their ideas with us, to make us healthier versions of ourselves. But the decision to share your pain and fight this battle with you is what makes or breaks a trainer. And this is exactly what Adonis Hill did to inspire his client to slim down.
Here at  Bright Side we admire people who go the extra mile to help others and even save their lives. This trainer showed us that support is a crucial thing when you’re beginning a workout regimen.
This story started with the TV Show Fit To Fat To Fit , where personal trainers aim to better understand their clients’ struggles by gaining weight and challenging themselves. When Adonis Hill was asked if he would gain 70 lbs for someone else, his answer was firm, “ If it  means saving their life, heavens yes !”
His client Alissa had been overweight her entire life. When she began this project, her weight was 308 lbs. Adonis had to gain more than 70 lbs in 4 months to match his partner. To do so he ate tons of junk food, drank soda, and stopped exercising.
His dedication caused some health issues. Doctors had to stop his weight gaining process one month earlier than they had planned because Adonis was diagnosed with hypertension and prediabetes. The good news is that he is no longer on meds since he returned his weight to normal. But he has no regrets and compares the risk he took with “a  fireman going into a burning building and rescuing someone trapped by a fire.”
When the first goal was hit, the second part of the journey started. Alissa and her selfless trainer worked together to get the bodies of their dreams. They ran, lifted weights, followed a strict diet, and supported each other through those difficult times. It was a real challenge since they had to fight not only lazy behavior, but also old addictions to unhealthy food and judgements from others, that have the power to ruin any aspirations.
After several months both of them achieved brilliant results. Alissa managed to lose 57 lbs in 4 months while Adonis reported that his weight was around 227 lbs. This means that this venture was worth the effort.
From his own experience, Adonis Hill showed that people can achieve anything if they are motivated enough. He  concludes that it was all about empathy, and the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person. With this experiment, the trainer hopes to raise awareness around obesity risks. “If we continued down that unhealthy road , the cemetery is where we would’ve ultimately ended up.”
Do you know other people who are ready to go far beyond their everyday responsibilities to achieve something?

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