Husband Buys Too-Small PJ’s For Wife, Makes Her Lose Weight In Order To Fit Them

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Gift-giving holidays may be fun for kids, but they’re often a nightmare for couples, as they tend to lay bare each partner’s memory (or lack thereof) of the other. One man just shared a story of how he faced the ultimate ‘husband test’ when buying pajamas as a Christmas present for his wife 5 years ago – remembering her size.

His confusion was only worsened by the fact that he and his wife had, in his own words, ‘let themselves go’ in recent years, and that his wife had been suffering from depression as a result. He took a risk playing this game, and when the big moment arrived… Well, let’s just say a trusty tip from his dear old grandpa popped into his head at just the right moment.

As the guy himself summed the whole thing up, “dumb husband’s being dumb worked out.” For all the ‘dumb husbands’ out there, we’re sure you’ll be able to relate to this moment of sweet triumph on a highly spiritual level. Scroll down to read the full story for yourself, and let us know if any of your screw-ups have ever produced unexpected results.

A man recently shared his story of trying to buy pajamas for his wife as a Christmas gift – and forgetting her size


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This sounds like a recipe for disaster, but the outcome was something completely unexpected

Now pretty much everyone wants to give this guy an award for ‘Husband of the Year’

Have you ever messed something up that ended up working out for the better? Tell us below!

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