Biohacking Meditation: My Two Most Effective Strategies & “Stacks”

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Alright, brace yourself.

What you’re about to read is one of these articles in which I detail a couple of the more advanced biohacks and supplement stacks (particularly for meditation and sleep) that I’ve recently adopted and found to be incredibly potent.

These are tactics that I consider to be more advanced and more fringe than simple tactics such as box breathing, changing out the lights in your bedroom, sleeping in a cold environment, taking melatonin, etc. So if you like the simple stuff, or have yet to nail the basic foundations of meditation and sleep, you should probably stop reading now.

But I’d be remiss not to describe to you two strategies in particular that have been absolute game-changers for me in the deep meditation and sleep department. I’m constantly toying around with and quantifying new discoveries, and these are two that I’ve researched, developed, and found quite useful over the past 30 days. 

Again, simple is good, but if you like to biohack and try new things, these two meditation and sleep strategies will be right up your alley.

Let’s jump in (and because these hacks tend to be a bit more on the spendy side, in the summary section, you’ll find a list of everything I mention with a few handy discount codes to help bring the cost down a bit).

The Ultimate Stack for Biohacking Meditation

For those of you unfamiliar with the term “stack,” it simply refers to stacking multiple compounds or strategies together to achieve a result greater than that which could be achieved by the singular use of any of the stacked components. Basic stacks you may be familiar are theanine with coffee for taking the edge of caffeine and increasing alpha brain wave production; blood flow restriction with super slow training for muscle gain with a minimal effective dose of exercise; or a cold pad with a PEMF mat for a one-two combo of sleep enhancement and neuromuscular recovery during a night in bed. These are all the types of stacking concepts I explore in my new book Boundless.

But one stacking strategy I haven’t talked about much involves the use of specific technologies or compounds to enhance one’s meditation practice, or give one a potent and fast shift into deep relaxation in the middle of an otherwise busy or stressful day. 

My friend Luke Storey and I, when I visited his home for a “biohacking tour,” hinted at this type of “stacking” approach for meditation and deep relaxation, and since that visit, I’ve honed in on and perfected two particularly effective ways to stack biohacking technologies for meditation and relaxation enhancement. 

The two stack options below combine specific audio tracks and guided meditations along with the use of technologies such as hyperoxygenation, PEMF, sound frequencies, Amazonian plant medicines, and vagal nerve stimulation.

Biohacking Meditation / Relaxation Option 1

Basically I flip “on” or perform all of the above, then either:

I then do two sprays of “ZEN” into each nostril. ZEN nasal spray is made from different medicinal plants from the Amazon for the purposes of calming and quieting the mind to reduce anxiety and stress. It also stimulates the vagal nerve to balance the autonomic nervous system and has an effect that mimics meditation, breathwork, and sauna/cold exposure. It increases the brain-blood flow and affects the release of several stimulatory neurotransmitters, leading to antidepressive and stimulatory effects while simultaneously heightening focus, concentration, and memory. It can be ordered with and without oxytocin (I recommend the oxytocin version for an even more relaxing sensation).

At this point, I lie back, and go into an absolute “other world” (without the use of any psychoactive and hallucinogenic compounds) for 20-50 minutes, depending on the NuCalm setting I use. I would consider this stack to be one of the most intense forms of relaxation I’ve ever experienced (funny what a bit of better living through science can do!).

Biohacking Meditation / Relaxation Option 2

I do exactly as described above, but instead of using the NuCalm tracks, I do one of Joe Dispenza’s meditation tracks (I’ll usually do this if I want to meditate instead of nap). The best two to use are Dispenza’s “Blessings of The Energy Centers” or “Pineal Gland: Tuning Into Higher Dimensions Of Time & Space“.

When implementing either of the options above, I can literally hit the reboot button in about 20 minutes flat, and either works very well if I need to truly supercharge my body for a hard-charging day or to “mentally re-fuel” after an intense day of work that begins with a very early morning (e.g. when I get up at 4 am and work my ass off until 4 pm).

New Sleep Stack I’ve Been Experimenting With

This second stack originated from a discussion I had with one of the whiz-kids at Thorne Nutrition when we were chatting about all things sleep, and in particular, fully “legal,” but potent sleep remedies that anyone could use…

…including athletes who might be tested for sport and need to avoid some forms of CBD that may have trace levels of THC, but who also need to shift themselves into a restorative sleep state post-hard-training and be able to operate with precision and efficiency for the next day’s workout or competition.

We came up with a sleep stack that targets multiple mechanisms for relaxation and sleep enhancement. Although dosages will vary, here’s exactly what I began experimenting with based on that discussion. As a result, my sleep latency (how long it takes to fall asleep) REM sleep, and deep sleep have all absolutely improved, without any post-sleep drowsiness. This stack is definitely worth trying if you struggle with sleep but haven’t found a supplementation solution that works yet.

Once a week, I’ve simply been putting all the capsules listed above into my “old man pill container” and throwing them all back about 30 minutes prior to bed. The results for sleep enhancement have been nothing short of amazing.

As I already warned you, both strategies above will make a dent in your pocketbook.

But if you enjoy a bit of better living through science, and you’re open to the idea of enhancing your current meditation or sleep supplement protocol with some more advanced tactics, I guarantee that you’ll be quite pleased with the results of either strategy I’ve described above.

As promised in the intro, here is a list of every resource mentioned that I use for biohacking sleep and meditation, along with promo codes for as many as I was able to snag a discount for:

Comment below with your questions, and definitely leave your thoughts, feedback, and results if you try either of the tips from this article, or want to leave your own meditation and sleep tips below.

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