Crying at Night Can Actually Help You Lose Weight, Study Says

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Losing weight as such requires a long-term process to keep it off. There is no overnight solution. Some believe that effective weight loss takes some time. Well, if you really want to lose weight you in an easy but very effective way, then, read this article.

According to a study, by simply watching sad and dramatic movies that could tear you up can actually help to reduce your weight, this is because emotional crying could help people lose weight.

Emotional crying is a self-soothing behavior that can help one to lose weight because it is linked with hormones that increase cortisol levels.

These hormones were produced after people have bottled up their emotions and choose to let it out with crying.

William Frey, a biochemist, also discovered that stress-induced tears can remove a different kind of toxic substances in the body. For this reason, when people are in their emotional and stressful states, their body releases such substances through weeping tears.

Cortisol levels so as the stress-induced hormones are released through crying so that the body cannot possibly store more fat when a person gains weight.

However, the study suggested that only tears triggered by emotions could take the benefit of weight loss, while any other reasons could not count to be helpful.

For your information, there are three types of tears a person can emit:

Basal tears: The “basic functional tear” that can only make and keep our eyes moist.

Reflex tears: Also called “irritation tear,” produced by environmental factors such as eye irritation from smokes, strong wind or chopping an onion.

Psychic tears: the “feelings and emotions-based tears,” unlike the above-mentioned types of tears, this is a response from positive or negative emotions that certainly contain more hormones.

Thus, considering that fact only psychic tears will help you lose your weight.

The study also suggests the specific time of shedding your tears should be between 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm, the time when this crying is effective for weight loss.

So you know no one likes to cry, but apparently, not we know that crying can actually beneficial to us too. Now, you should try and watch a sad movie and cry over during these hours if you would like to enjoy this interesting perk!

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