End-to-End Functional Medicine Training Unlike Anything Else

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What are the best practices for onboarding new patients and doing thorough Functional Medicine intakes?

How do I set up operations, billing, and procedures to keep my practice lean and profitable?

Over 50 Patient Handouts

With the option to easily add your branding/logo

Guide patients step by step through the big changes you’re asking them to make. Boost compliance and get better outcomes, happier, healthier patients, and glowing testimonials. With energized word-of-mouth and referrals, you’ll have a more stable flow of new patients and revenue. Our online system will allow you to instantly customize any patient handout with your own brand and logo. You’ll get:

Access to this turnkey system is worth the entire cost of this training course on its own.

I’ve easily spent triple the cost of this course—more than $30,000—over the last five years to develop this system for my own practice. I’ve spent the time and money so you don’t have to. Get unlimited access to all of this at no additional cost when you enroll in the ADAPT Framework clinician training.

You won’t find any other resource that is more closely aligned to your practice needs—not to mention the ability to print over 50 different patient handouts with your own logo and branding on demand.

The systems model of approaching Functional Medicine and ancestral nutrition and lifestyle and the basic framework of practice management principles that Chris is teaching are applicable to practitioners all over the world.

However, some of the specific tests, treatments, and practice management tools that Chris will be recommending and teaching may not be readily available to all international practitioners. Also, for the blood chemistry unit, Chris will be teaching the lab ranges and values in US units. For these reasons, the training may not be as relevant and useful for international practitioners as it is for US-based practitioners. Please review the lab licensing requirements page for more details.

Because each country is different in terms of access to labs, supplements, and tools, we cannot make any promises to individual international practitioners about how relevant the training will be. Ultimately, you must weigh what Chris is offering against other training options that are available to you.

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