Biohacking for Moms – Lessons from the Bulletproof Conference

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111: Biohacking for Moms – Lessons From the Bulletproof Conference

Last week Heather from and I had the chance to attend Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Biohacking Conference in California. We noticed some fun new trends, tried some unusual health treatments and met some incredible people. We also got to try a bunch of treatments that we would never be able to try in the normal course of daily life as moms.

Here are some of our key takeaways…

Biohacking Trends We Noticed

There were dozens of vendors at the conference displaying and demonstrating their products. We were familiar with many of these products already but also found some fun new things to try. There were also some noticeable recurring trends among the vendors.

Red Lights

We saw a LOT of products that involved red light or infrared in some way. We’ve both shared about the benefits of certain types of red lights in our posts about saunas (see Heather’s post here and mine here).

Wave Vibration

Lots of good vibrations going on at the biohacking conference… literally. There was a definite recurring theme of biohacking with high speed vibrations of different kinds. This included everything from Dave Asprey’s own wave vibration plate to various vibration technology equipment.

We loved the Rapid Release tool that is used by doctors and physical therapists for helping muscle pain and improving mobility. I used it a few times at the conference on my Achilles that has been sore since a really long hike earlier this year and I’ve been pain free ever since.

Another tool I’ve been using lately, (that is much less expensive and also well tested) is the Myobuddy Massager.

Both of these tools work on the fascia and deeper tissue. Athletes use them for recovery and improved muscle performance and those with chronic illnesses can use them for increased lymphatic flow and improved sleep.

Mushrooms were also a recurring trend at the conference. Certain types of mushrooms like Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Cordyceps and others are well-studied for their brain benefits.

We’ve been drinking mushroom enhanced instant coffee from Four Sigmatic for a long time (use the code “wellnessmama” to get 15% off at this link) and these types of shrooms were showing up at many booths around the conference. In fact, one group even had mushroom printed pants!

Brain Training

It is no surprise that there was an emphasis on brain improvement at this conference. We had a blast trying out some of the brain training equipment, and Heather got to try the Rolls Royce of brain training- the 40 Years of Zen program that Dave hosts. There were also devices designed to improve the brain for sleep or to help mental focus in other ways.

Ben Greenfield

Ben may have been in Finland at another conference, but he certainly made an appearance at the Bulletproof conference too! We noticed at least 5 vendors who had a picture of him in their marketing, including a life-size picture of him at the Joovv booth.

Countdown of Our Favorites

We tried to try every treatment at the conference but couldn’t make it through them all. We probably tried at least 80% and counted down a list of our top favorites:

4. ARX Machine

This machine is a computerized workout machine that creates the most intense workout of your life in under two minutes. Literally. We tried it but won’t show photo evidence because we look like we were pushing out babies. It was that tough.

The basic idea is that the machine creates resistance on the up and the down action of any movement. For instance, if you do a curl, lifting the weight is always tougher than lowering it back down. This is the nature of muscles but it makes it tough to effectively work the down movement. This machine offers resistance on both and matches your strength so it always gets tougher as you get stronger. It brought my muscles to fatigue in only 4-6 reps. Crazy.

3. Hydrogen and Oxygen Bar

There were quite a few machines and treatments that let you breathe some type of concentrated substance. We tried the oxygen bar which offered oxygen infused with essential oils. It was relaxing but not ground breaking. We also tried the hydrogen bar and both noticed a big rush of energy and focus from that.

2. Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

A really promising health treatment but certainly not one we can try on a daily basis! The basic idea is that you go into a pressurized chamber with added oxygen. The pressure (ranging from 1.3 to 2.5 times regular atmospheric pressure) allows oxygen to enter cells more quickly and effectively. This in turn improves cell activity and promotes healing.

This treatment is being used in treating traumatic brain injuries, lyme disease, and many other problems.

1. Brain Training- 40 Years of Zen

We got to try several brain training devices and the clear favorite was the one Heather tried- 40 Years of Zen. The basic idea is that it trains your brain to create Alpha waves (responsible for “flow” state) more effectively. This happens during meditation as well, especially with extended training, but the program drastically speeds up the process. Thus the name.

Biohacks to Do At Home

As fun as all the things we tried at the conference are… most of them aren’t things most of us can do on a daily basis or at home. At the same time, many of them were good reminders of more basic and less expensive things we should all be doing daily at home. Here are some top biohacks to try at home without any expensive equipment:

Multiple speakers at the event spoke about the importance of gratitude in daily life to shift our mental focus. The benefits are well studied and this is an easy thing to implement. Take a few minutes a day with your family to share things you are grateful for and make it a point to start focusing on what you’re grateful for instead of the things that stress you out.

Dry Brushing

Many of the expensive machines there were designed to stimulate lymph flow. You know what else does that? Dry brushing! And it is inexpensive and easy to do at home.

Red light therapy and infrared therapies like saunas have their place and are daily parts of both of our lives, but light therapy can be much more simple. Just get some sun!

The sun naturally contains these spectrums of light and has so many benefits. My doctor recommends getting at least 30 minutes of outside light every morning within an hour of waking. Even on a cloudy day, the sunlight is many times brighter than indoor light and contains many more wavelengths of light. This helps signal our circadian cycles and improve sleep and focus.

There were so many treatments designed to improve sleep. But many of us aren’t getting the basic recommended sleep. We know it is important but we just don’t do it. If sleep is tough for you, try these resources:

What do you think? Tried any of these? Will you?

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