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If You Suffer from Diabetes, Hair Loss, Heart Problems and Joint Inflammation Try This Powerful Fruit – The Healthy Food Life

by health and nutrition advice journalist
The Tamarind fruits come from Asia and Africa, they are native to these continents, and these fruits were also widely used in the Indian culture. Today Asia and Mexico, the drier and warmer places is where this fruit has spread the most, also it can be found in Sri Lanka and India. The Tamarind fruits are offering countless health benefits and they have a wonderful taste as well. And in this article we would like to show you the reasons why you need to consume these fruits, such as these below: Improves eyesight Since these fruits are a rich source […]

House to vote on $2,000 stimulus checks after Trump signs coronavirus, spending package

by health and nutrition advice journalist
Democratic strategist Robert Patillo and political analyst Ron Meyer weigh in on Trump’s involvement with new stimulus package. The House of Representatives on Monday will vote on a bill to send $2,000 stimulus checks to Americans in lieu of the $600 checks included in the coronavirus stimulus and government funding package President Trump signed Sunday night.¬† The vote will come¬†after Trump for the better part of a week railed against the size of the checks and the amount of foreign aid included in the massive combination of two legislative accords that lawmakers sent to his desk. The Monday vote won’t […]

House to vote on increasing coronavirus stimulus checks to $2,000

by health and nutrition advice journalist
The Democratic-controlled House of Representatives is expected to pass a bill Monday evening to increase direct coronavirus relief payments to some people to $2,000, but the measure faces an uphill battle in the Republican-run Senate, despite support from President Donald Trump. The House is expected to vote on the bill, which would increase the $600 in direct payments to those who earned less than $75,000 last year to $2,000, at around 5 p.m. ET. Trump insisted on increasing the payments after his administration struck a deal for the $600 checks as part of a coronavirus relief and budget package, which […]