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A seamstress in Hanover, Massachusetts, has a new, never-before-seen specialty. She makes dresses for little girls who are living with diabetes.

Julie Christian has been sewing for only the past year. She decided to start a second career after years as a police officer.

Originally, Julie’s dream was to make beautifully tailored suits for women. But last summer, she received an unexpected request from a little girl.

Ten-year-old Julia Looker has type 1 diabetes.

“I asked if she could make me a dress customized for a diabetic pump,” Julia recalled.

Julie agreed. She made a lovely floral dress with a pocket to hide the pump. There’s also a hole along the waist seam so Julia can feed the pump wire into the attachment on her leg.

“It’s really convenient,” Julia said. “I like it a lot.”

The dress allows Julia to wear a dress without having to wear shorts underneath to hold the pump.

Soon after, other moms of girls with type 1 diabetes heard Julia’s success story. They, too, started contacting Julie for customized dresses for their daughters. Julie had found her new calling.

“It wasn’t women’s suiting as I anticipated; it was a whole different idea,” she said.

Check out the video below to see her incredible creations!

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