Local naturopath receives Functional Medicine certificate

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Claudia Wenning has been living and working in Willits for more than 30 years. She first studied traditional Naturopathy in her home country of Germany and then earned a comparable degree in the United States after she realized this was her new home. She holds numerous certifications in different aspects of natural healing such as nutritional consulting, acupressure, herbalism, applied kinesiology and massage, and even earned a degree in psychotherapy in Germany. This year she completed a one-year course and received a certification as a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach.

“In the last decade more and more proponents came up to use the term Functional Medicine and made it what it is today… It is within the established medical realm now. They have discovered that it may not serve the patient well if we compartmentalize them…” said Wenning. “It became clear to some doctors and they said this is not working so they wanted to look at the patient holistically.” She said she watched the progress being made in the medical field and realized functional medicine is what she had been doing all along. And, therefore, Wenning said the certificate program included a lot of information with which she was already familiar and she felt a sense of affirmation in her current work.

Wenning said the training helped deepen and broaden her practice and she “feels like what I do here is not alternative anymore.” She said she considers functional medicine as the future of medicine because “if there was a group of MDs that were so dissatisfied that they created this whole new movement, they are not the only ones, they are the ones that spoke up… In a way it was like a silent revolution in medical care.”

One of the biggest benefits of functional medicine said Wenning is helping the patient heal themselves by being a part of the process. She said, “Medical care is very expensive. The MDs often have only 15 minutes to talk to you, if that, and then you get referred. Time is of the essence but it’s not really honored enough in the equation. So, what I’m thinking is the better you can take care of yourself and the more you can learn to read your symptoms, the more empowered you are and that’s a great feeling. You can do something and you don’t have to wait for somebody to fix you.”

In Wenning’s business, Quantum Level Consulting, she helps her clients get to their optimal health by analyzing diet, lifestyle, belief systems and more. “When you think you are not on top of your game and not experiencing optimal health, then someone like me comes in and looks at all the different pieces of the puzzle. I create timelines to get an idea of how we deal with the health history of the individual and then we come up with some modifications. It’s nothing drastic because drastic doesn’t work anyway.”

Wenning said she finds inspiration from the fathers of naturopathy including Hippocrates, who is credited with saying ‘May food be thy medicine.’ Her main goal in performing various health and wellness assessments is to find an opening “where it’s available to actually allow the body to heal itself.” She said, “I like to talk about it in terms of a journey and how we allow strength to flow more evenly and how we provide this space for our body to heal itself. All this has been done for millennia.”

She often recommends to her clients to utilize natural supplements to support healing when necessary but doesn’t require them for treatment or advocate long term use. “I believe in supplementing the body to strengthen where the weaknesses are and bring the body back into balance. One of my key words is ‘vital balance.’ Most likely you will not have to use them for the rest of your life.” Wenning said she uses a lot of herbal applications including teas and remedies made with herbs she grows herself, as well as topical products and tinctures.

In most of her protocols, Wenning recommends treatments involving water. “I use the incredible healing properties of water in various ways and recommend applications… When we put herbs and water together, the water is a delivery system of the phytonutrients, and it works very well… We can create very unique, custom-tailored formulas, and the water is the delivery medium. And, that goes for teas, for bath, for inhalation, for poultices and for topical applications.”

Wenning believes the act of becoming aware of yourself and your body begins with children and teaching them how to communicate what’s going on inside. “I really would love for people to allow themselves to empower themselves. It’s an understanding… this is my body and nobody else is in this body. I have by design the most intimate contact with this (body) than anybody else. A doctor may have years and decades of experience, nevertheless, I’m the one who’s in here. And this is free. You just need some awareness and some tools and use them. The best things are free. ”

With freedom in mind, Quantum Level Consulting hosts free educational classes every second Tuesday of the month. The classes are open to the public as a way to offer people additional tools to improve overall health and wellness. For more information, visit claudiawenning.com or stop by the studio inside the Little Lake Grange on School Street in Willits.

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