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Want to know what is the best biohacking book that covers the entire human
body? Check out my Biohacker’s Handbook review.

What Is Biohacking

You as an entity are comprised of numerous systems and life forms that all
function in correspondence with each other.

Biohacking is the art and science of optimizing the human body with science, technology, and natural living. It’s a contemporary term for describing how to improve your health, reach high performance, be happier, and feel better.

There are a lot of misconceptions and fear-mongering about using technology
and biohacking your body. Some of it may be true but in most cases it’s safe
and actually one of the best things you could do to yourself.

By optimizing your physiology, honing your mindset, and improving your work
you can reach a much higher potential as a human being. This will then make the
world around you a better place to be in as well.

The Biohackers Handbook Authors

Some radical biohackers may go to the extremes and leave behind all of the biological
essence of being human. However, that may not be the wisest decision.

Authors of the Biohacker’s Handbook seek to find a balance between
technology and nature as to maintain optimal health, performance, and longevity.
They are:

The Biohacker’s Handbook was first published in Finnish in the year 2016 when it became a national best-seller.

The Biohacker’s Handbook authors have also been organizing the Biohacker Summit, which is a biohacking conference that has exhibited international speakers like Ben Greenfield, Dr. Rhonda Patrick, Max Lugavere, Jack Kruse, Dr. Andrew Hill and many more.

The Biohacker’s Handbook Review

I’ve been working personally with the Biohacker’s Handbook team and love
their down to earth way of communicating and sharing evidence based

The Biohacker’s Handbook can
be thought of as the user’s manual to the human body.
It’s a pretty big and
comprehensive tome of knowledge (5.5 pounds) and I think everyone can learn

The book is divided into five parts: (1) sleep, (2) nutrition, (3)
exercise, (4) work, and (5) mind.

I’m going to go through some of the most profound insights and lessons you
can learn from each section of the book.

#1 Biohacking Sleep

Sleep is one of the fundamentals to optimal health and well-being. It’s
even proved by the fact that virtually all living organisms have some form of a
sleep-wakefulness cycle.

Sleep deprivation is
linked to a lot of the chronic diseases people struggle with, such as obesity,
diabetes, high blood pressure, inflammation, Alzheimer’s, depression, cardiovascular
diseases, and increased risk of traffic accidents.

The Biohacker’s Handbook walks you through the physiology of sleep stages,
circadian rhythms, how to optimize your bedroom, the temperature, sleeping
positions, nutrition, supplements, how to wake up properly.

In my opinion, the most important things to implement are (1) developing a consistent circadian rhythm by going to bed and waking up at a similar time every day, and (2) blocking out blue light at night to allow the brain to produce melatonin the sleep hormone.

Lesson About Sleep

Some teas and beverages that can help you to sleep:

These herbs affect the neurotransmitter GABA which inhibits alertness and promotes
relaxation in the brain.

#2 Biohackers Nutrition

The Biohacker’s Nutrition Manifesto goes like this:

The objectives of your nutrition should be to increase your health and well-being while maintaining energy levels and mental clarity.

The Biohacker’s Handbook walks you through how to improve your gut health, what digestive enzymes you get from different foods, detoxification mechanisms of the liver, how to avoid toxins, antinutrients, prepare food in a healthy way.

Lesson About Nutrition

When eating meat, follow these principles:

When consuming meat, add spices that support digestion such as herbs, peppers, ginger, and turmeric, and foods that support absorption such as pineapple, papaya, and sauerkraut.

#3 Biohacking Exercise

Even Hippocrates in Ancient Greece said: „Eating alone is not enough for health, there must also be exercise.“

Regular exercise lowers
risk of premature death, protects against heart disease, decreases
hypertension, fights type 2 diabetes, makes you lose weight, improves
cardiovascular health, strengthens bones, builds muscle, and helps with

In terms of frequency, you have to find what works for your schedule but
optimally you’d want to workout at least 2-4 times a week and up to 5-7 times.
Anything beyond that isn’t optimizing health but more oriented towards

The Biohacker’s Handbook
tells you how to incorporate more spontaneous movement into your every day
life, what type of exercises work for different goals, how does the body
produce energy, and what kind of tools you can use to improve your fitness.

Lesson About Exercise

The Gibala Method is based on a 2010 study done on students by Martin
Gibala. The goal was to determine the effects of high intensity interval
training on overall performance.

Over the course of two weeks, the subjects did 6 workouts that included a
3-minute warmup phase followed by the interval phase: 60 seconds maximum effort
followed by 75 seconds of rest, repeated 8-12 times.

Gibala found that this method achieved the same oxygen uptake benefits as 5
hours of constance steady state endurance training per week. It also increased
the force generation capability of muscle cells and improved glucose

#4 Biohacking Work

Work plays such an integral part of our lives that the majority of people
spend most of their waking hours working or doing some other work-related activities.

Because of that, you’d want to make sure that your work environment is
optimized for health but also for productivity, performance, and fun.

The Biohacker’s Work Manifesto goes like this:

The book teaches you how to set up your work environment, how to be more
productive, what foods and supplements help with mental focus, stress
management, and cognition, and how to find the purpose of your work.

Lesson About Work

Methods and nutrients that contribute to long-term potentiation and brain

Cinnamon has also been found to improve memory function and brain plasticity.

#5 Biohacking Mind

There are billions of stars and galaxies in the universe and there are
nearly as many neurons inside your brain. Understanding how it works is
essential for reaching your potential as a human being.

The Handbook talks about the structure of the brain, its different
hemispheres, the central nervous system, and how each part affect the body’s

Did you know that nearly 20-29%
of people in Western countries suffer from a mental illness of some sorts.
The use of
antidepressants has also increased substantially worldwide.

Controlling your mind begins with taking control of your stress response.
You can do that with different breathing and mindfulness techniques.

Understanding in what state your nervous system is in can also help you to
improve your physical performance by monitoring your heart rate variability,
and be more productive at work or more relaxed when with friends and family.

Lesson About Mind

Yerba Maté Mind Magic Drink

Heat the water to 80-90 degress Celsius, put the Yerba maté powder in a teapot and pour hot water over it. Brew for 5-10 minutes. Then strain the liquid and pour it into a blender. Add the other ingredients and blend together.

Biohackers Handbook Discount Code

In conclusion, The Biohacker’s Handbook is an amazing manual to the human
body and physiology that will teach you how to be a healthier, higher
performing, more vibrant, and a happier person.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert biohacker or just heard the term for
the first time, this book can still teach you a lot of new things and tricks.
You’ll get the science, practical advice, research, fun facts, and a bunch of
recipes as well.

If you want to get yourself The
Biohacker’s Handbook, then you can use my discount code SIIMLAND for a 10%

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