A functional medicine doctor’s favorite snacks for all-day energy

by health and nutrition advice journalist

It makes me feel a little better knowing the dreaded afternoon slump affects everyone. Even functional medicine doctor Mark Hyman, MD, whose new book arrives next week, needs a few mid-day snacks for energy at work.

On Wednesday, Dr. Hyman hosted an Ask Me Anything with Well+Good’s private Facebook group Cook With Us. Several members wanted to know what his go-to snacks were—especially when he needed an energy boost. Dr. Hyman was quick with his hit list of healthy snacks, and I have to say, they sound pretty darn good.

“Snacks are important. I always keep snacks on me to avoid a food emergency, especially when I’m traveling,” Dr. Hyman told the group. “Some of my favorites are grass-fed jerky, dark chocolate, berries, make-your-own trail mix, guacamole and cut veggies, and Mary’s Gone crackers.” Yep, even Dr. Hyman has chocolate in his snack drawer. (The key is to go dark.)

If you have a little more time to whip up a snack, Dr. Hyman offers up a two-ingredient favorite: sweet potato and coconut yogurt. Because of the carb-protein balance, it works to keep blood sugar levels balanced throughout the rest of the day.

It’s time to give your snack stash a doctor-approved makeover. And considering jerky and chocolate make the cut, it will be a healthy bounty you’ll actually want to dig into.

We’ve got even more tips on eating for energy from a registered dietitian:

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